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Bull Shoals Caverns and
Mountain Village 1890

The Caverns were created approximately 350 million years ago, during the Ordovician period. The cave was carved out by waterpower, and there is still an underground river in the cave today. This cave, like most of those in the Ozarks, is a limestone cave. There are also sandstone caves and lava caves in other regions of the earth.

And while you are there be sure to visit:

Entrance to Mountain Village 1890 and Bull Shoals CavernsMountain Village 1890, an historic re-creation of an Ozark settlement, is a living tribute to the pioneers who first settled this remote part of the country. These were hardy men and women who followed the trails into our mountains from the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia. The village is a Bull Shoals, Arkansas, attraction that draws families, particularly those interested in local or living history, from across the United States.

The Jordan House

     Located near Bull Shoals Lake and the White River, whose waters entice trout and bass fishermen nationwide, the village was initially opened in 1960 and, along with Bull Shoals Caverns, is a popular tourist attraction. Besides tourists, the park has been visited by many area children on school trips to see examples of how their ancestors lived not so very long ago.

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